Our History

The Dallas School of Music is a family-friendly facility where north Texans of all ages have received xtb binary option outstanding musical experiences for over 20 years. We think the greatest thing about music is the people you meet through it. We look forward to welcoming you to our family and helping you on your musical journey.

DSM was the 1992 brainchild of Bob Lawrence that evolved from a research project while earning his doctorate degree in music education at the University of North Texas. Beginning as a little community music school, the original space had 8 rooms, a small lobby, two restrooms, no pianos, no desks, clocks, or pens! Within a year, 5 very passionate, professional and dedicated musicians were on board - actually, visionary music entrepeneurs and philanthropists are better labels to describe Bob, Tamalyn, Mike, Gary, and Eugene.

By 1996 the school had outgrown its original space and expansion was necessary. In 1998 there were 500 families how xm broker works and 20 faculty members coming to DSM each week. At about this time DSM began to develop its own unique curriculum for students on campus. In time we realized we could reach music learners via the web from anywhere in the world. Originally called MusickEd.com, it is now affectionately and simply known as 'dlp' (which is short for The DLP Music Program - which stands for Discover, Learn, and Play :)

Before we knew it, 10 years had gone by and DSM had taught thousands of lessons, hosted numerous faculty concerts and student recitals, formed several ensembles, had thriving programs for infants and toddlers, presented art festivals and a music carnival, and even offered a quiz-show type course that pitted teams of students against each other in a music theory ‘super-bowl’ (to name just a few of the amazing and fun happings around our campus over the years).

By 2010 our vision was becoming clearer - today we are focusing on fxtm account types maintaining a healthy student body on campus and at the same time growing the DLP Music Program that gives members around the world a taste of the DSM experience.
Welcome to dlp!